Thursday, December 15, 2011

Forensic scientist:

Television serials  and movies sometimes potray forensic science as a glamorous field involving the main character solving the murder mysteries very easily. It is actually far from that. The word “forensic” applies to the use of scientific methods and techniques to investigate a crime. Forensic scientists may specialize in a wide range of scientific disciplines. Based on the evidence found on the scene of a crime, forensic experts make physical and chemical analysis reports and their findings are often used in investigations in the court of law. . Thus, forensic science is vital to nail culprits or prove the innocence of suspects. The work is usually in forensic labs, medical examiners offices, hospitals, toxicology labs, police departments, independent consultants or as professors in colleges and universities..

Students can do a graduation in forensic science (i e B.Sc. Forensic Science) after 10+2 (after taking biology,physics and chemistry/math). For the entry-level, forensic scientists must have a bachelor's degree in forensic science, biology, chemistry, or physics as this work will entail a lot of analysis using math and science. After graduation they can take up diploma courses in Forensic Science & Criminology which is of 1 year duration. Most colleges and universities that offer an undergraduate degree in forensic science also offer advanced degrees in various specializations.Additionally it is important to stay apprised of new technology in this field.
Forensic scientists are generalists. One can specialize in various fields depending on personal interest. A few specialized fields are:
Criminalists  analyze, compare, identify, and interpret physical evidence using natural and physical science techniques
Forensic toxicologists deal with the medico-legal aspects of toxicology eg whether the death was due to drugs/medication.
Digital and multimedia science professionals manage digital forensic labs. Digital photography is an important area of research and is useful in the documentation of crime scenes and injuries.
Forensic anthropologists specialize in human biology and use their training to identify the dead. Their work may involve recovering human remains from various locations, such as deserts or rivers.
Forensic dentistry (ondontology) involves the use of dental science to help identify unknown individuals or human remains after natural disasters, terrorist activities, etc.

Whatever may be the field of specialization, the work of the forensic scientist is very challenging yet satisfying.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fashion and Textile designing(diploma)

Textile designing courses are gaining popularity in India due to the growing demand for  Indian textile in the domestic and International market. Textile designers create two-dimensional designs that can be used for  commercial or artistic use. They specialize in knit, weave and print. Their designs are incorporated in  fabrics or textile products. Textile designers must be creative and innovative and be prepared to work on a deadline. Knowledge of the latest trends and fabrics is very important. To be a diploma holder in textile designing, one should have completed the twelfth boards. Most diploma courses are of  2-4 year duration. Some institutes enroll students based on the institutes entrance exams. The National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT) is a reputed institute offering higher study facilities in fashion technology. For a bachelor degree in fashion and apparel designing, the course is for 2 year duration.

Event management

Wikipedia defines an “event” as any type of a gathering, ceremony, competition, media event, party or sporting event . This Rs 1500 crore industry is said to be growing at the rate of 25% every year. With simple celebrations like weddings and birthdays becoming glitzy events today where people want theme d├ęcor, buffet spreads, celebrity appearances and an ‘out of the world experience’, this field has grown by leaps and bounds. Simple product launches or movie releases are a mega buck affair today.Most people are willing to pay a hefty fee for all this. Today this is a professionally run industry unlike in earlier days where it was a part-  time option run by college kids for extra income.The important quality is being able to stay calm in a crisis. As an event manager one should have exceptional organizational qualities and unending energy. He is expected to work long hours under a lot of pressure to reach targets. Since this involves keeping a control over internal team and external sources  like vendors and extra helpers, he should have the knack of gently but firmly getting his message conveyed. He should be a people’s man. Meticulous planning and quick decisions making are other important attributes. To be a successful event manager, one has to conceptualize the event right down to the smallest detail. Innovation is another important requirement for the event to succeed.

People from all faculties can take up this profession as long as they have a passion for events.After completing +12 in any stream, one can do a diploma in event management.  While studying, it is an added advantage to get a hands on training with an event management company in various areas. Nowadays with event management going corporate, big houses prefer event managers who have marketing or management degree

Monday, November 14, 2011

Prosthetics and Orthotics

This is a highly satisfying profession which deals with the rehabilitation of physically handicapped individuals who suffer from limb malfunctions or abnormalities or absence or loss of limbs or other body parts.The causes of limb malfunction could be due to abnormality at birth,  removal of limb due to accidents, gangrene or cancer etc.
A Prosthesis, or in layman terms, an artificial limb is an extension or replacement of a missing or damaged body part. Professionals who deal with prosthesis are called Prosthetists.
An Orthosis is a device which can give support to weak limbs or help to correct a deformity. Orthotists are professionals concerned with manufacture and fitting of Orthosis.
Various colleges offering this course have their own entrance exams.Students need to have a science background. The graduation course is for 4 years. After graduation, in order to practice as prosthetist and orthotist in India candidates must register with Rehabilitation Council of India. After successful completion of final year examinations, students have to undergo a six month internship which comprises of clinical practice, case presentation and fabrication of different kinds of orthosis and prostheses.

B.Sc Optometry

Optometrists are trained health-care professionals who examine eyes to detect vision defects, occular disease, abnormalities and signs of general health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes. They also prescribe and supply glasses, contact lenses and low vision aids. When the patient needs eye surgery or medication , an optometrist refers him to an Ophthalmologist. Diabetic retinopathy and muscular degeneration have become common diseases with the elderly. These diseases can be treated by optometrists.
A  4 year degree course in optometry ( B.Sc. Optom) is offered by various colleges across India. Students must have taken science subjects in their grade 12.Every college has its own set of entrance criteria for this course.The eligibility criteria for doing a diploma course in optometry is a pass in class X or class XII. Those who have completed a diploma course in clinical optometry are eligible to get direct admission in to the third year of the degree course in optometry.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy means physio-therapeutic system of medicine which includes examination, treatment, advice and instructions to any person suffering from movement dysfunction, body malfunction, physical disorder, healing and pain from trauma and disease.In children physiotherapy is required for kids suffering  with cerebral palsy,clubfoot, muscular dystrophy etc
The student should have taken physics, chemistry, biology in +12. The duration of the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) is 4 1/2  years followed by 6 months internship. Most colleges have their own entrance exams for admission.After completion of BPT, one can do Masters and specialize in Neurology, Orthopedic/ Musculoskeletal, Cardiothroacic or Rehabilitation or do a diploma in sports physiotherapy or hospital administration

Speech therapy and audiology

A speech therapist diagnosis and treats people with various speech, language and voice disorders. They help people who have problems like stuttering, harsh voice speech quality problems etc. The Speech Therapy Courses in India are offered in colleges where they train individuals to be speech therapists and audiologists. As speech disorders are connected to neurological and psychological problems, a speech therapist works with health care  specialist like psychiatrists or neurologists. An important part of a speech therapist's work also includes counseling and support of individuals and families with speech disorders and on how to cope with the emotional and psychological stress associated with these problems.
Speech Therapy and Audiology can be taken at the graduate level. Specialization is possible after graduation. B.Sc in Speech and Hearing is for three years which requires a candidate to have passed the twelfth standard with English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology / maths preferably with 50%-60% of marks. The cut off marks varies with institutes. Alternatively, after +12, a student can pursue a diploma in audiology and speech therapy.

B.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics

The role of nutrition in our diet  and its relation to fitness levels is a major cause of concern today. This has made this field an interesting career option for graduates who wish to  learn science behind food, our relationship with it and the effect on our health when we eat it. Students interested in related courses can look at B Sc in Family Resource Management, Food Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Child Development and Family Relations, Family and Community Science, Food Science, Nutrition and Food Quality Control, Human Development and Family Studies which is offered in many colleges.
The 3 year B.Sc course covers areas related to food and nutrition. It is a good option for students who have taken the science stream in grade 12. One can also opt for the four year food technology course which is offered by a few institutes/ colleges. Several colleges offer graduation at the B.Sc and M.Sc level.For better career prospects in academic/ research it is advisable to do a PG course / M.Sc in Food and nutrition.


GEOLOGY is the study of the Earth, the materials of which it is made, the structure of those materials, and the forces acting upon them. It includes the study of organisms that have inhabited our planet. An important part of geology is the study of how Earth’s materials, structures, processes and organisms have changed over time. Geologists conduct studies that locate rocks that contain important metals,  the mines that produce them and the methods used to remove the metals from the rocks. They also study the Earths process like landslide, volcanoes, floods etc  which is hazardous to people and try ways to safeguard  the areas where people stay. A very important aspect of geological research is the location of oil, natural gas and minerals.

To study Geology, a student must have taken Science with maths. After +12 (with PCM)  IIT  Kharagpur admits students through JEE to 5 year Integrated program in Exploration Geophysics. Though a graduate degree will help in the entry level, most geologists do a post graduate course for higher level of training often in a geology specialty area such as paleontology, mineralogy, hydrology or volcanology. Advanced degrees will often qualify the geologist for supervisory positions, research assignments or teaching positions at the university level. These are some of the most sought after jobs in the field of geology. If one is strong academically and willing to relocate to places if required, this is a lucrative career.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

B.Sc Nursing

If you have an interest of serving people with love and a smile, nursing is the career for you.    
Some nurses begin their career by working their way up from support roles, which require no set qualifications, and go on to train for a registered nursing degree or diploma, which qualifies them to work as a nurse. Others apply straight to university to undertake their studies.Nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists practice in many areas of nursing including: parent-child, pediatric, adult, family, geriatric, and psychiatric-mental health. There is B.Sc (nursing) Degree courses and General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) diploma courses. B.Sc (nursing) courses last normally for four years and GNM courses for three years. To be a successful nurse,one must respect confidentiality.have good judgement and be loyal to the patient and the profession.
The Candidates should have passed Intermediate with Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology or
Equivalent examination (10+2) pattern or Intermediate with VOCATIONAL (Nursing).
Age: Must have completed 17 years and should not be more than 25 years as Notification date.

Bachelor of Tourism Studies(management)

With more people willing to travel across the globe to exotic and untravelled lands,travel professionals are in great demand to offer diverse services in the tourism sector. Places with a mystic past and cultural diversity are becoming the hot beds for tourism.This is a lucrative field and jobs can range from working at an agency or being self employed. To get enrolled one has to write an institute-specific entrance test for admission to a particular course.

Travel and tourism (Holiday consultant)

An exciting offshoot of this course is becoming a holiday consultant.
Imagine travelling around the globe or location hunting for free to give a first hand detailed account to clients who wish to travel to exotic locations on a holiday!!! Today, with the boom in tourism and enthusiasm in people to visit virgin locations, travel agents are looking out for holiday consultants to bring in the clients. Although the concept of holiday consultants is still new  there is already an awareness created in this field.
Love for travelling is essential. A pleasing personality coupled with  excellent communication  and marketing skills is required. Thorough knowledge concerning tourist destinations, social etiquettes and ability to handle people tactfully is a must.
There are Graduate, diploma and certificate courses available. Eligibility to admission at graduate level is  10+2. It is an added benefit to have a diploma in public relations or advertising. Proficiency in a foreign language is an added advantage.
In India, holiday consultants can work as tour specialists in both public and private sector undertakings. In the public sector, a person can work in the government’s tourism department. In the private sector, one can work with travel agencies, hotels or airlines as holiday consultant. They give information about the place, hotel ratings, cheapest and fastest means of transport, visas, etc.