Monday, February 27, 2012

Voice artist

Ever watched a Hollywood movie in your native language? Wondered how Tom Cruise speaks fluent hindi?Thanks to a special group of talented artists, we can watch any international film in our language.With the rise in TV serials and audience interest in programmes of their regional language, there has been a great demand for Voice over artists. A voice over artist lends his voice to complement the visuals on screen. Voice acting is the art of giving voice to animated characters, video games,  radio  TV commercials, audio dramas, puppet shows etc. Films and TV programmes produced in a particular language quickly get released all over the country with voice over’s in the regional  language capturing the target audience. This has ensured the TRPs keep zooming up. Many Hollywood films are also dubbed in the local language to cater to a wider viewership.
The most important qualities required to be a successful dubbing artist is command over the language and versitality  to understand the lines and the feelings  of the script and match your lip sync, tone and pauses to synchronise with the tone and gestures of the artist in the original track. It is important to have a clear diction, ability to modulate the voice according to the character, clarity of voice  and perfect dialogue delivery.
There are a number of colleges offering diploma courses for  voice over artists after +12, but the main qualification would be a students’ command over the language and perfect diction with a strong voice.Short term courses are conducted by many media houses and institutions.
As for a career in this field,openings are plenty. A  voice artist can work  in serial / film dubbings,  animation,  documentaries, video and radio programs, jingles, phone software, commercials, audio dramas, amusement rides, dubbed foreign  language films etc.The salary is good once you become a popular artist.It also depends on the length and popularity of the program.


Linguistics is the study of language which identifies the common element connecting the languages and draws its relevance from archaeology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, sociology, English, computer science and many other subjects. In this course, you will learn about formation and use of languages as well as develop skills in analyzing, critical reading, formation of words and  phonetics. A Linguist is an expert in origin, evolution, development of various languages. They research to find out the latest developments in different languages and provide vital inputs for further development.
An analytical mind with a flair for writing and an interest in the origin of languages , speech, sound is essential.
For acquiring a Bachelor degree in Linguistics, one needs to pass the Higher Secondary or 10 + 2 examination with humanities as one of the main disciplines. B.A in Literature also helps. For acquiring a post graduation degree in the subject, a graduation in Linguistics is a must. A linguist can work as a speech trainer in a call centre, in hospitals as a speech therapist, as a journalist, in advertising agencies, writing software programs for teaching, for deciphering rare dialects, work in online dictionaries etc.
One can do BA(Hons), M.A, Post M.A., Diploma in Linguistics or Advanced Diploma in Applied Linguistics

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Student Pass For studying in Singapore

           All foreigners, other than Immigration Exemption Order holders, are required to apply for a Student’s Pass if he/she wishes to pursue full-time studies in an Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) in Singapore.

  1. The application has to be submitted atleast one month  and not more than 2 months prior to the course.
  2. It has to be submitted through SOLAR( Student Pass Online Application and Registration) system
  3. The IHL must first register the student through SOLAR.
  4. The student must then log into SOLAR and submit eForm16.
  5.   Before logging in to SOLAR the following documents are required:
--A registration acknowledgement notice with the login information provided by the IHL;
--Valid Travel document/passport details
--NRIC/FIN of parents if the student’s parents are Singaporeans or foreigners who are working or residing in Singapore;
--Singapore’s address and contact details (if not available, please provide the school’s registered address)
--Applicant’s email address.
--One recent passport-sized colour photograph (to be pasted on the top-right corner of eForm 16) and should be in colour, must be taken against a white background with a matt or semi-matt finish.

Finally take the printed copy of eForm16 to the Student Pass Unit of the ICA.
--The processing time is around 5 working days if  the students has a visa and 10 days if a visa is required.
NOTE: Since July and August are peak periods,it is advisable for the student to submit his application earlier than this time.
Processing fee:$30 which is non-refundable
Issuance fee: $60
Multiple entry visa fee: $30
Students are required to furnish the following documents for completion of formalities:
  • The student’s valid passport. A copy of the passport particulars page must be submitted;
  • The Disembarkation/Embarkation card of the student, granted on entry into Singapore. If the student is currently residing in Singapore on other long term passes, he/she is required to bring along that pass;
  • One recent colour passport-sized photograph (taken on white background);
  • The printout of eForm 16 submitted through SOLAR (duly signed by the applicant);
  • A copy of the in-principle approval letter; and
  • A medical report in the prescribed format (available on ICA’s website).
Dependant Pass Holders Applying to Study in IHL:
--DP holders must apply for student pass through SOLAR
--If the duration of the course is shorter than the duration of the DP,the the student can write to the ICA about his intention(letter of intention) of studying in the IHL.
--Submit copy of eForm16,travel documents and letter of intention at the student pass unit of the ICA. 


With effect from 2 January 2003, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority has introduced the on-line
submission of Student's Pass applications via the SOLAR system to foreigners who are applying for Student's Passes to pursue courses offered by the Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) in Singapore. These IHLs include the Local polytechnics and universities, as well as, foreign universities with offshore campuses in Singapore.