Thursday, August 2, 2012


    Journalism is a good field if one knows the art of playing around with words and has a good command over the language. No one enjoys reading a poorly written article. Patience and ability to accept rejections are a part of a journalists life as you cannot expect all your articles to get lapped up by leading publishing houses. A degree in mass communications  is a good start. With technology boom, one can start writing for  online portals.
    A few important add on's like knowledge in photography, basic knowledge of computers, passion for reading, knowledge of a foreign language and making contacts to expand horizons is a great way to climb the ladder of success.
  A different branch from the usual journalism is specialising in sports or music journalism.
  You need not be a star athelete in your school team. If you have the passion for sports writing about sporting events is  a satisfying field.  What is the first step to become a sports writer? Firstly, try to get actively involved in writing in the school magazine regarding the sporting events happening.  This will help you develop your writing skills. Try to follow a particular teams sport, habit, information about the star players and coaches etc to make your article more interesting.
  Music journalism is writing about a particular band, artist etc. It is not very popular as the regular journalism as there are no special training methodology. Publishing houses will expect you to have knowledge about great singers, their music etc and  stylish and indepth articles will get you noticed.    

Disk Jockey

      So, you love music and can't help dancing when music is turned on!! Science lectures bore you but you can  hear music 24*7 !!!! You can rattle off names of albums and singers faster than you can recall equations and laws of science...Then getting into the music field is the right choice. This is a lucrative field but becoming a sought after DJ requires a lot of dedication and hard work.
     A club DJ  plays songs from a selected collection of pre recorded music for a select audience, usually in a club, discotheque or a party. A successful DJ has a good sense of music, must be good in audio-mixing, cueing, equalization, scratching music and beat matching. He should be updated in the latest popular music numbers. Knowledge of mixing these songs and making them foot tapping is essential. By nature, he should be outgoing with a friendly appearance. He must be prepared for erratic working hours.
     There is no formal qualification required in this field.A course in public speaking or related  course in mass communication is useful in giving a head start. Knowledge about DJ mixer, effects processors i.e. equalizers, octaves, delays etc is essential.

Athletic Trainer

       Athletic trainers help professionals and amateur sports persons to reach their maximum playing potential. To be a respected trainer, a student must finish graduation, get a certification and then start to work. It is imperative that  a trainer is mentally and physically fit as this career demands a high degree of physical work. Knowledge in nutrition, sports medicine and sports science is important. Students are taught how to treat, prevent and respond to physical and mental stress and accidents.
      If a student has a passion for sports and its related activities, this is a satisfying field.