Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Increase in graduates

         As part of the government initiatives to raise the annual intake of students in universities, SIM Uuniversity,which has offered only part time courses till now, will offer full time degree programmes. The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) will also increase the number of seats and award degrees in its own name. SIT is the fifth university in singapore.Even though UniSIM will remain a private university,SIM University(UniSIM) is getting set to become the sixth local university to offer publicly funded full time programmes. SIM university (UniSIM) President Cheong Hee Kiat floated an idea that a student could decide to extend his internship or work full time instead of returning to school to pursue graduation. This ecourages flexibility in the local education system. This also helps to change the mind set where one is encouraged to see work and study as a continuous process- life long learning and learning on the job.
Details on UniSIM's future intake numbers and programmes are being worked out with the Ministry of Education.

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