Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bachelor of Veterinary science and Animal Husbandry

Veterinary course(Bachelor of Veterinary science and Animal Husbandry) is a branch of medicine where Doctors  have animals as patients. It’s an allied medical science. Second best to medicine is Veterinary Science and Dentistry. Veterinarians diagonise and treat animals. They give medical treatment and perform surgeries for disease in animals. Prevention of the spread of disease and advice on how to take care of pets and farm animals is their primary duty. The main personal qualification to be a good vet is to understand that people treat their pets like children. So, one must have a great deal of sympathy and patience when dealing with pet owners. Respecting animals is also important. Vets dealing with farm animals should not only try to cure the ailment but also be sensible to make sure productivity does not go down.

It is important to have taken  Physics, chemistry and biology in +12. Admission procedure may vary from college to college. Most veterinary colleges give admission based on performance in the entrance examination held at state, all India and institute levels.Veterinary Council of India conducts an ‘All India Common Entrance examination’ (AICEE) for admission to first year BVSc, AH degree course held in May each year. The duration of the course is five complete academic years and it includes a compulsory internship of six months.