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            Before I moved to Singapore from India a few months back, I had a lot of doubts and apprehensions. Many friends, websites etc gave me a good insight as to what I could expect. But it was an eye opener for me when I actually landed here and faced this new world first hand. Many nitty gritty details had been  over looked. Though opportunities are plenty, there is a lot of difference being on a dependant pass or an employment pass and benefits taking a PR(permanent residency) After realising I did not have enough information before hand,I have now started compiling a few important information one needs to know regarding the education system before deciding to move here. There are many educational institutes here which cater to a wide range of  local and international students. Education in Singapore is excellent and the study pattern is rigorous. A lot of importance is given to community service which makes students realise the importance of living with and giving back to the community which has nurtured them.
     As I’ve mentioned before, this is a generalised segment. Please log on to the individual college websites for more details. I have also compiled a list of courses to give students get a general idea about  the various  options available after grade 12 and  what are the requirements to do a particular course. 
   The aim of this site is to help students realise that there is a world of opportunities out there and one should not get disheartened if engineering/ medical or law is beyond reach. Make your passion your career. 

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