Universities in Singapore

     Other than the Local universities which offer excellent education, Private institutes, International Institutions with Asian Campus located in Singapore and International Universities in Collaboration with Singapore Universities  offer a wide range of courses to choose from which is of high standard and is internationally recognised.  The yearly tuition fee range mentioned in this site does not include room, boarding or other external costs,which is at the discretion of the student; The tuition fee varies according to the  field of study, course level, whether student is local /permanent resident or applies as an international applicant, enrollment year and other criteria. Please visit individual college websites for more information.

The five local universities in Singapore are : 

  1. SIM University
  2. Singapore University of Technology and Design
  3. SMa Institute of Higher Learning
  4. Kaplan Higher Education Academy
  5. S.P Jain School of Global Management
  6. SAA Global Education
  7. PSB Academy
  8. MDIS(Management Development Institute of Singapore)
  9. Stansfield College
  10. Auston Institute of Management
  11. TMC Academy
  12. Singapore Maritime Academy
  13. East Asia Institute of Management(EASB)
  14. Tourism Management Institute of Singapore(TMIS)
  15. TEG International College
  16. FY Institute of Technology
  17. Singapore Institute of Materials Management(SIMM)
  18. Curtin Singapore
  19. ERC Institute
  20. ArtFusion Media School
  21. SAE Institute (media training)
  22. BMC International College
  23. KLC School of Education
  24. College of Allied Educators Pte Ltd
  25. The School Of positive Psychology
  26. Informatics Academy
  27. at-sunrice GlobalChef Academy
  28. Aventis School of Management
  29. Singapore media Academy
  30. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  31. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
  32. Technische University Munchen(TUM)

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